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“Platoon” Sergeant Fernando Rincon

Dude, where do we even begin? To be frank, it can be quite difficult pinpointing the greatness of Marines with such caliber, with such presence, and with such leadership. No words can express these attributes found in your core! Your caliber exemplified by your 2nd class CFT (lol why would you even run that), your presence announced by your eating/chewing, and your leadership confirmed by your high and tight. Need I say more? I think not.

All jokes aside, you have been a great friend, a great Marine, above all, a great man. Your friendship provided countless discussions on how you believe the Earth is flat, a second hand opinion on insta-thotties, and a gentle reminder on how embarrassing you millennials are.

Your leadership did push us to better ourselves. You showed us what not to be, and we are forever grateful! On the real, you truly did hold down our platoon. You provided guidance to us when none of us knew how to read a MBS, you held us accountable when we would bitch out of the gym, and your Staff Sergeant came out a bit.

We saved the best for last, because only great men can make this happen while properly providing for two little girls by your side. Call us cliché, but what you do every day exemplifies your character in the best of ways. We are proud of everything you do.

We are confident in all your future endeavors and know you’ll succeed in whatever you do!


From the Marines & Civilians of Blount Island Command,

Fair Winds and Following Seas.


Creative Man
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